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Current          Ph.D. candidate in Art Education, anticipated completion August 2021
                        The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
2002                M.A. Art Education
                        Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
1992                B.S. Elementary Education, Minor in Art
                        Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Patti and Rusty Rueff Department of Design, Art, and Performance
2016-current   Limited Term Lecturer in Distance Learning
                        Course taught: A&D 255 Art Appreciation Online (also developed)
2003-2012       Continuing Lecturer of Art and Design
                        Courses taught:
                        A&D 201 Art for the Elementary School Teacher     
                        A&D 202 Intro to Art Education
                        A&D 227 Art History from 1400 to Present
                        A&D 255 Art Appreciation
                        A&D 255 Art Appreciation Online (also developed)
                        A&D 303 Art in the Middle School/Jr. High
                        A&D 402 Art in the Secondary School
                        A&D 490 Independent Study: The Medici and the Renaissance
                        A&D 590 Teaching Assistant in Art Appreciation
                        SA 306 Art and Landscapes of Rome study abroad trip
2006-2007       Coordinator of Graduate Studies for Art and Design
1999-2002       Teaching Assistant and Instructor of Record
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
School of Visual Art
2014-2019      Supervisor of Student Teachers in Art Education
                        Course taught:
                        A ED 495 A/B and C/D Student Teaching Practicum in Art Education
2012-2014      Graduate Assistant and Instructor of Record
                        Courses taught:
                        ART 122Y Commentary on Art (online course)
                        A ED 303 Art for the Elementary School Teacher
                        A ED 489 Advanced Practicum (Saturday Art School)
Ivy Tech State College, Lafayette, IN
2004-2006       Adjunct Instructor
                        Course taught: ARH 110 Art Appreciation
Book Chapters
Uhlig, S., Migliore, A., & Reid-Walsh, J. (Accepted). The generative act of critical pedagogy: Animating children’s books and games as research practice.

Powell, K., & Uhlig, S. (2019). (Un)Boxing the senses: A multisensory artistic response for a curriculum in sensory ethnography. In W. Gershon (Ed.) Sensuous curriculum: Politics and the senses in education (pp. 157-174). Information Age Publishing.

Hanawalt, C. & Uhlig, S. (2017). Making Place through Mabel Spofford: Archival Materials, Assemblages and Events. In Bolin, P. & Kantawala, A. (Eds.) Revitalizing history: Recognizing the struggles, lives, and achievements of African American and women art educators (pp. 41-54). Vernon Press.

 Uhlig, S., Lewis, L., & Carpenter, B. S. (2016). Calling critical work into question: A case of arts-based performance as public pedagogy, participatory inquiry, and informal learning. In P. Burnard, E. Mackinlay, & K. Powell (Eds.) The Routledge international handbook of intercultural arts research(pp. 204-214). Routledge.

Journal Publications: Non-Refereed
Steinecker, D., & Uhlig, S. (2019). Play. Journal for Arts Research. 45(1), 95-102.
Graduate Student Excellence in Mentoring Award Nominee for the College of Arts and     Architecture, Penn State University. (2019)

Global Programs Graduate Student Travel Grant, Penn State University. (2019)

Art and writing residency at In Cahoots Residency, Petaluma, California. (2019)

Summer residency at Borland Project Space, Penn State University. (2018)Impact Award for curriculum development from The Center for Global Studies, Penn State University. (2013)

Robert W. Graham Endowed Fellowship, Penn State University. (2012-2013)

Excellence in Teaching Award for Continuing Lecturers from the School of Visual and Performing Arts, Purdue University. (2012)

Fulbright-Hays scholarship in the Seminars Abroad Program Religious Diversity in the Maghreb in Morocco and Tunisia. (2011)

Associate Fellow induction in the Teaching Academy, Purdue University. (2010)
Selected Refereed State, National, and International Conferences
Sperry-Garcia, C., Cabrera, L., & Uhlig, S. (Accepted).  Cabinets of Wonder and a Migratory Border Art Museum: Curating Portable Participatory Art Collections. Presentation at the National Art Education Association conference, Minneapolis, MA.

Uhlig, S. (2019, July). Order and Disorder at InSEA: The Making and Unmaking of a Collective Collection. Presentation at the InSEA World Congress, Vancouver, Canada.

Uhlig, S. (2019, March). (Re)Collecting: Assemblages and Memory. In H. Kwon (chair) Re/making Memory: Research as Artistic Practice. Presentation at the National Art Education Association conference, Boston, MA.

Uhlig, S., Pilon, S., & Miller, M. (2018, November). Uno Programa, Muchos Resultados: (One Program, Many Results). Presentation at the Fulbright Association Annual Conference, Puebla, Mexico.
Uhlig, S., Migliore, A., & Reid-Walsh, J. (2018, October). Children’s Book Course as Creative Animation. Presentation at the Arts Inquiry Research Group conference, Montreal, Canada.

Uhlig, S. (2018, October). Cabinets of Wonder: Re/Collecting as Interactive Research and Artistic Practice. Presentation at the Pennsylvania Art Education conference, Harrisburg, PA.

Uhlig, S. (2018, July). Re/Collecting the Land: Object, Memory, and Art. Presentation at the InSEA seminar Research and Praxis for Social Engaged Arts Education in Southern Europe, Balkan, and Mediterranean Countries, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Pilon, S., Ennis, D., Miller, M., & Uhlig, S. (2017, November). Fulbright-Hays Outcomes: Pedagogy, Programming, and Scholarship. Poster presentation at the Fulbright Association Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

Uhlig, S. (2017, October). Banksy in Bethlehem: Complicated Conversations on the Wall. Presentation at the Pennsylvania Art Education Association conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Uhlig, S. (2017, May). Derives of a Tactile Flaneur: Sensational Practices of Collecting, Assembling, and Walking in Place. In K. Powell (chair) Performing Lines: Walking Methodologies. Presentation at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana, IL.

Uhlig, S. (2016, May). A Community of Mourners Collect: Sharing Stories of the Departed Through Material Culture and the Senses; or Death, Dying, and David Bowie. In R. Schlemmer (chair) Ontologies of Becoming: Mapping Encounters through Art. Presentation at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana, IL.

Abu Bakr, S. & Uhlig, S. (2016, April). From Restriction to Ruptures: Bodies, Access, and Solidarity in Palestine. Presentation at the 23rd Annual Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies International Graduate Conference, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.

Selected Invited Presentations and Campus Talks
Uhlig, S. (2020, February). Collecting as Creative Research. Invited presentation at Longwood University, Farmville, VA.

Uhlig, S. (2019, April). On Collections and Collecting. Invited presentation for Art History 409 Intro to Museum Studies, Penn State University.

Uhlig, S. (2018, September). Ephemera as Hope: Stickers and Postcards as Social Engagement and Participatory Act. Invited presentation at Nazareth College, Pittsford, NY.

Uhlig, S. (2017, September and November). Bookmaking Workshop and Collecting as Creative Practice lecture. Invited speaker for Curriculum & Instruction 497: The Creative Child, Penn State University.